Back to School: Driving and Pedestrian Safety

back to schoolIt is that time again, and soon we will see young pedestrians with backpacks heading to and from school. Walking to and from school is a healthy activity for children, when done safely and properly. Below are two short lists of what pedestrians and drivers can do to promote Pedestrian Safety this school year.


  • Pay Attention to surroundings when walking! Know where all moving cars are in the area and make eye contact with drivers and make sure they can see you.
  • Yield to drivers when crossing a road where there is no intersection or crosswalk or where the pedestrian does not have a green or “walk” signal and where vehicles have a green signal
  • Do not suddenly move into the path of a closely approaching vehicle that does not have sufficient time to yield for a pedestrian
  • Walk on and along the left side of a highway when not walking on a sidewalk
  • Avoid walking at dusk and night, but always wear bright, reflective clothing when walking.
  • Do not allow children to walk alone until they have mastered all of the points above.


  • Pay attention to surroundings when driving and look for pedestrians.
  • Yield to pedestrians crossing a sidewalk or entering an alley or driveway
  • Yield to pedestrians crossing at an intersection or crosswalk on a “walk” signal or a green light, if there is no walk signal
  • Yield to pedestrians crossing the highway within a marked or unmarked crosswalk at an intersection where there are no traffic lights or control signals
  • Do not pass any vehicle that stops at an intersection or crosswalk to permit a pedestrian or to cross the roadway safely

Together, we can significantly reduce the chances of a motor vehicle/pedestrian collision by following these simple traffic rules and being aware of possible dangers.

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