Offsite Fee (except flu clinics) $10.00 (by appointment)
Adult Immunizations (by appointment)
Hepatitis A (adult)**** $45.00 series of 2-$45.00 each
Hepatitis B (adult)**** $50.00 series of 3-$50.00 each
Influenza (adult)** Price to be determined seasonally
MMR (adult)**** $10.00
Varicella (adult)**** $10.00
Pneumovac (adult) PPSV-23** $127.00
Prevnar (adult) PCV-13** $225.00
Tetanus (adult-private) $40.00
Tetanus**** $10.00
TDap (adult-private) $10.00
TDap (adult-business) $20.00
Shingles (Zostovax-adults 60+) $220.00
Children’s Immunizations (by appointment)
Routine Childhood Immunizations No Charge*** ($4.00 suggested donation)
Federal Mandate-Effective 10/1/12: Children with insurance that covers vaccines must go to their physician for immunizations
Other Products/Services
TB Skin Tests (adult and child) $17.00
Fluoride Tables/Drops No Charge*** ($5.00 suggested donation)
Radon Test Kits $12.00
**Eligible for Medicare Billing-Client to check with their insurance
***Suggested Donation
****To use some state supplied vaccines, adults may need to meet certain eligibility criteria