Mental Health & AODA: Northwoods COPE

The Oneida County Health Department coordinates and provides technical support for the Northwoods COPE (Community, Outreach, Prevention and Education) Coalition. Northwoods COPE’s mission is to serve and support all people affected by mental health and substance abuse through education, intervention and prevention. We will partner and collaborate with our community to provide knowledge and meaningful resources to improve the well-being of all.

Northwoods COPE is a coalition that focuses on prevention of mental health and substance use disorders.

Their four main objectives are:

  1. Decrease suicide and depression
  2. Decrease alcohol and drug abuse
  3. Increase access to AODA and mental health services
  4. Strengthen data around mental health and AODA

Documentary screening sponsored in collaboration by the COPE (Community, Outreach, Prevention, Education) and The Human Service Center.


In 2016 more Americans died from overdoses than in the entire Vietnam War conflict. The opioid crisis is a tragedy made up of human lives and stories that will break your heart. Behind every addiction there is a person fighting a deadly disease, usually without sympathy or understanding. WRITTEN OFF is a story about secrets, lies, shame and stigma. It will challenge how you think about addiction.

The film chronicles the life of Matthew Edwards. Matt’s addiction to opioids began at age 15, after being prescribed pain medicine for a minor surgery.

Matt was driven by a desperate need to get a fix. He spun a web of lies to get what he needed. He was smart, creative, and persuasive. However, Matt wrote the truth in two spiral bound journals, telling the story of his daily drug use and countless attempts to quit.

How does a smart, loving, promising kid go from acting in the high school play to putting a needle in his arm? WRITTEN OFF reveals that journey, in Matt’s own words. He is not weak, only someone strong could survive an addiction like his for ten years. He is not getting high to party, he is avoiding the wrenching pain of withdrawal. He is not escaping responsibility, he blames himself for everything.

“Matt didn’t want to do drugs but he didn’t know how to get out. That struggle is right there in his own words. He chronicled every cc and milligram that went into his body and every dollar he shelled out to get more. All as he tried desperately to get clean.” explains filmmaker Molly Hermann, who wrote, directed and co-produced WRITTEN OFF.

Behind the addiction, there is a person, all at once lovable and despicable, funny and pathetic, destructive and aware.

All community members are invited to attend FREE special screenings of WRITTEN OFF:

Saturday, September 29th
Community Event: 9:00 – 10:00 AM
Documentary Showing: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Tuesday, September 25th
Community Event: 5:00 – 5:30 PM
Documentary Showing: 5:30 – 7:30 PM

(Recommended for mature audiences, 15 and older)

A post-documentary panel discussion will follow each event. Information on mental health, alcohol and other drug resources in the community will also be available.

In addition, parents and guardians are encouraged to tour the “Hidden in Plain Sight” Teen Bedroom display (18 and older). This interactive room helps adults spot the signs of substance abuse or addiction which may be hiding in a teen’s bedroom.

For more information, contact Jenny Chiamulera at 715-369-6186 or

Additional Resources:

For additional information or to get involved, contact:

Jenny Chiamulera

Anne Cirilli