Wisconsin Wins Shows Illegal Tobacco Sales Rates Down From 2012

Tobacco UseBeginning in June, Oneida County Health Department has been conducting Wisconsin Wins tobacco compliance checks in a six county area that includes Florence, Forest, Price, Lincoln, Oneida, and Vilas Counties. Results from this year’s checks indicate that illegal tobacco sales rates have decreased across the counties:


Florence County

  • 13 total compliance checks
  • 13 completed compliance investigations
  • 0 incomplete checks (closed, out of business, don’t sell, etc.)
  • 0 illegal sales;  illegal sale rate = 0%
  • 0% illegal sales in 2012


Forest County

  • 25 compliance checks
  • 21 completed compliance investigations
  • 4 incomplete checks (closed, out of business, don’t sell, etc.)
  • 1 citation;  illegal sale rate = 4.76%
  • Substantial improvement over 22.2% failure rate of 2012


Lincoln County

  • 37 total compliance checks
  • 32 completed compliance investigations
  • 5 incomplete checks (closed, out of business, don’t sell, etc.)
  • 1 citation; illegal sale rate = 3.13%
  • Substantial improvement over 12.9% failure rate in 2012


Oneida County

  • 66 total compliance checks
  • 57 completed compliance investigations
  • 9 incomplete checks (closed, out of business, don’t sell, etc.)
  • 6 citations; illegal sale rate = 10.53%
  • Substantial improvement over a 18.3% failure rate in 2012


Price County

  • 29 total compliance checks
  • 23 completed compliance investigations
  • 6 incomplete checks (closed, out of business, don’t sell, etc.)
  • 2 citations, a 7% failure rate
  • Substantial improvement over a 31.6% failure rate in 2012


Vilas County

  • 54 total compliance checks
  • 44 completed compliance investigations
  • 10 incomplete checks (closed, out of business, don’t sell, etc)
  • 7 illegal sales, illegal sale rate = 15.91%
  • Substantial improvement over a 22.9 failure rate in 2012


The Wisconsin Wins Program was introduced in 2001 by the state’s Health Departments in an attempt to decrease access of tobacco products to minors.  It is estimated that over 90% of tobacco users begin well before the legal age of 18. The campaign uses positive reinforcement to reduce illegal tobacco sales to minors by encouraging retailers to educate their clerks about not selling to youth. Wisconsin Wins control efforts have been very successful in decreasing illegal tobacco sales to minors; in 2001 the illegal sale rate of tobacco products to minors was over 38%, and by 2012 that percentage dropped to 5.4%.

For more information, please contact Kyla Waksmonski, Community Health Specialist at Oneida County Health Department, 715-369-6114.

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